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Bath Hardware

Bathrooms are far more than functional rooms. They are unique decorative spaces, and bath hardware plays a significant role, providing diversity in both style and detail. Your individual expression begins with an abundance of faucet designs and finishes, and then moves to assorted methods for hanging or storing towels, including towel bars, rings, double towel bars, racks and stands. Tissue holders come in a wide range of attractive styles that can continue a theme, and you can round out your design with stylish robe hooks, shower curtain rods and pretty glass shelving. With manufacturers such as Moen, Dynasty Hardware, Amerock and Gatco supplying quality fixtures, your bathroom can be a true showpiece.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathrooms are much more than functional rooms. Master baths become personal retreats where a long tub soak or shower releases the day's cares. Family bathrooms require practicality, but beauty and convenience can easily coexist, and powder rooms can develop into showpieces that impress your guests.

Many homebuyers specifically look for updated bathrooms, and remodeling brings an immediate return on investment (ROI), sometimes above and beyond the initial costs. Even if you're not planning to sell, a fresh, new look brings great personal enjoyment.

Know that remodeling doesn't have to mean tearing out the entire room to rebuild from the ground up. Although that's always an option, there are many changes you can make that involve less time and effort. 


Cosmetics or More?

Perhaps the first consideration is repairs. Cosmetic changes won't make up for a leaky faucet, a running toilet, or broken or worn-out flooring; repairs are a must. Next, assess the overall appearance. One word of caution, however: New fixtures alone can either brighten a bathroom considerably or reveal additional elements that need attention. If you're working within a specific budget, consider designs that update the whole bathroom rather than splurging on one elaborate feature.Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Replacing the sink, switching to a pedestal style or updating the entire vanity will completely transform your bathroom and perfectly complement new fixtures. With a little more leeway, consider further enhancements. Coordinating a new sink area with new shower and tub fixtures helps define your style; add in various accessories and you're on your way.


Bathroom Faucets

New sink, tub and shower faucets grab attention and anchor your design scheme. Functionality goes hand-in-hand with appearance, and your choices are nearly limitless. Traditional faucets versus waterfall styles, single levers or dual ones, and rustic, classic, elegant or modern designs, along with a host of finish choices, all make definitive statements. Start bringing together your decorative vision with all new faucets.


Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are a decoration delight. An abundance of styles and finishes lets you select a coordinated theme, and hardware collections make it easy to continue that theme throughout the room. If you need more storage but have limited space, or if you don't want to go as far as new cabinetry, various accessories can fill the need.

Adding towel bars and towel rings keeps everything neat and tidy, and double towel bars or swivel-armed racks offer extra space with a distinctive appearance. Stylish towel stands or racks provide much needed storage, and finish choices help you maintain your theme. Updating the shower-curtain rod along with the curtain brings new life, and a new mirror and pretty glass shelving add an extraordinary touch.


Bathroom Lighting

Flattering bathroom lighting enhances your new space and helps complete your theme. You can also achieve pleasing effects through the design. Do you prefer up lighting or down lighting? How would vanity lights look or beauty wraps that light from the top and the sides? Will one or two sconces be enough, or would you like three or more?

Whatever your style, complementary lighting fixtures seal the deal. Whether you're considering a few changes or a complete makeover, remodeling your bathroom enhances your entire home.