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Cabinet Hardware

The overall design of your kitchen or bathroom catches the eye immediately, but it's the details that make the design complete. Cabinet hardware provides the perfect finishing touch and reveals your unique expression. Knobs, pulls, hinges and back-plate accessories are more than necessities, and the abundant selection of available shapes, patterns and finishes merely proves the point. Consider the elaborate detail of Jeffery Alexander designs, the bold and classic look of Dynasty Hardware or the diversity of statements you can make with Amerock collections; Amerock also supplies appliance pulls for elegant, modern or classic looks in the kitchen. Choosing the perfect details and finishes of cabinet hardware completes your decorative vision.

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Selecting the Perfect Cabinet Hardware

Redecorating with new cabinet hardware in your kitchen or bathroom is a wonderful prospect, but it also requires some practical considerations. Taking care of a few details in advance will save considerable time and trouble.

Holes or No Holes

Cabinets with existing drill holes can potentially limit your new hardware choices. For example, single holes may mean new knobs only, especially on drawers. Pulls generally require two screws, and the location of the existing hole may prevent you from simply add another hole if the pull would be poorly aligned. If there are already two holes, you'll need to measure the distance between them to verify that new pulls have the same dimensions. Most pulls have 3-inch spacing between the screws; however, even a slight discrepancy can eliminate a choice.Quality Cabinet Hardware

If your cabinets are new, they likely don't have pre-drilled holes. You may also have existing cabinets that never had hardware attached. The ability to drill holes to match any dimensions naturally increases your options, but you're not quite out of the measuring woods yet. Most pulls and knobs come with standard-sized screws, but if the ones supplied are too short or long for the thickness of your cabinet doors and drawers, you'll need to purchase separate screws. You can easily find them in any home-improvement store.

Quality Cabinet Hardware

When selecting the perfect cabinet hardware for your home, design is often the first concern. Is your style simple, elegant, modern or traditional? Will you match the finish to other elements, such as faucets or lighting fixtures? Choosing a hardware finish that contrasts with the cabinet finish helps highlight your new additions and makes a bold statement.

Quality is equally important. Good hardware is usually solid, so be careful with hollow backs. Zinc construction is typical, followed by brass and bronze, and warranties that guarantee the finish add value. Amerock, Dynasty Hardware, Top Knobs, Hickory Hardware and Jeffrey Alexander are popular manufacturers that offer both quality and value, and Internet hardware sites are an easy way to browse styles and place orders, often at low prices. You can also order just a few pieces at first to verify the suitability of your choices.

Doing the Work

If you need to drill holes before installing your new cabinet hardware, following a modified version of the carpenter's motto "measure twice, cut once" is wise. Accurate placement is essential, of course, and using a drilling template makes the job easier. Most online hardware sites offer inexpensive templates that help you precisely align and mark drill holes. Placing masking tape under the template lets you make pencil markings without marring the cabinet finish. When you're ready to drill, select a drill bit that's 1/16-inch bigger than the screw diameter. Use care and don't rush; pushing too hard could damage cabinets when the drill bit emerges from the back of the drawer or door. Then all that's left is the installation.

New cabinet hardware can revitalize your kitchen and bathroom. Have fun with the project and enjoy the results.