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Door Hardware

The many options available in door hardware illustrate how easily functionality and beauty can exist together. Trusted names like Baldwin, Dynasty Hardware and Emtek offer attractive handlesets with matching or combined latch handles and locks to grace your front door. Select fashionable levers for easy accessibility, with or without locks, both inside and out; door knobs also come in many beautiful styles and finishes. Combine levers or knobs effortlessly with deadbolt locks, or choose a Schlage electronic keypad for added security while maintaining your chosen design. Hinges and accessories add to overall appeal, and sturdy choices from Falcon and Schlage help bring peace of mind for commercial door hardware requirements. Unite stylish self-expression with practical functionality for all your door hardware needs.

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The Ins and Outs of Door Hardware

You have a wealth of styles to choose from in door hardware. Before ordering, however, there are also a few technical details to consider.

Door Hardware Brands

Manufacturers offer a multitude of knobs, levers, rosettes and finishes to satisfy every taste. Your budget may determine the brand you choose, although quality hardware is available at every level.

Makers like Dynasty Hardware, Kwikset and Schlage are well-known, reliable brands that provide design simplicity and fit within most budgets. Product warranties add extra peace of mind.

For a bit higher budget, Emtek increases the design options and offers custom assembly in their facility before shipping to the distributor, usually within a day or two of your order. Emtek uses solid brass or bronze construction.

For high-end tastes, consider Rocky Mountain Hardware and Baldwin Hardware. Rocky Mountain Hardware offers handcrafted rustic styles, and Baldwin Hardware creates diverse finishes and styles.

Type and Function

Once you've chosen your style, do a quick inventory to determine the quantity of each hardware type you'll need:

Keyed Locks: Handles and deadbolts that require keys to unlock.

Passage: Used for doors where you want a latch but don't need a lock, such as closets or pantries.

Privacy: With a push-button lock on the interior side, such as in a bathroom or bedroom, a special emergency tool unlocks them.

Dummy Sets: These can be decorative only or used as pulls; there's no latch or locking hardware.

Front Door Locks: Used as the name implies, these come in various designs and combine with a deadbolt or electronic keypad for added security.

Technical Considerations

When ordering door hardware, knowing a few technical details will help ensure that you receive the appropriate materials.

Lock Type: Most locks are either Mortise or cylindrical. Mortise locks install in a pocket in the side of the door; professional installation can help ensure accurate measurement and placement. Cylindrical locks install into the face of the door. They can be sectional, where the lock and the handle are separate from each other, or monolithic, where a back-plate connects the handle and the lock. You'll need to determine the door backset for cylindrical locks; this refers to the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the insertion hole.Front Door Hardware

Door Handing: Many locks are reversible, but you may need to know whether you have a right- or left-handed door. Stand outside your door and note where the hinges are located. In most cases, hinges on the right equal a right-handed door. If you have a Mortise lock, another factor involves which way the door swings. For an inward-swinging door, hinges on the right equal a right-handed in swing door.

Keying: You can decide whether to use a single set of keys for all or most locks or different ones for each location, choosing to key-alike or key-different. Locks can be keyed to match your existing door hardware if you provide the five digit number that is stamped on your existing key.

Once you understand what needs to be considered, shopping for new door hardware can be easy. You can make a personal statement by choosing hardware that matches the style and design of your homes decor.